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Tee’s Corner Podcast: Saints Arch Rivals

Today, Tee Word​ takes a look at NFC South divisional hate and why Saints fans despise their longest standing rival.

Tee's Corner ~ Arch Rivals

Welcome back to Tee's Corner​, thanks for listening!

Today, Tee Word​ takes a look at divisional hate and why fans despise their longest standing rival. In this episode, he'll discuss why New Orleans Saints fans took so much pleasure in trolling the Atlanta Falcons after their Super Bowl choke!

Okay, so we’re all Who Dat family here right? Then it goes without saying that on any ordinary day when asked, the average Saints fan will undoubtedly say that their most hated rival is the Falcons. But a better question is why? This is where the diverse nature of symphony of Saints fans is most apparent - each has their own tale.

Let’s start with mine. If you haven’t listened to the show yet, then you’ve missed my reason for despising those dirty birds from jaw-jah. It is a rather simple explanation, they ruined a really cool day from my 13th year of fandom. The Falcons would use their wildcard spot to defeat our division champion Saints in 1991, in the SuperDome and prolong our wait for a playoff victory. Michael Haynes, a New Orleans native, would be the dagger to seal the deal. Now that’s un-poetic justice. Another lesser-known pain that Atlanta has caused for me was acquiring the services of my favorite cornerback of all time, Deion Sanders. I hated watching Falcons games, hoping he’d do something great, all the while wishing his team would get blown out in the process. Talk about internal conflict!

Those are my feelings and my reasons for disliking the Falcons, but we’d like to hear yours. Or, maybe you don’t hate the Falcons but there is a team that makes your blood boil, tell us why. Is it the San Francisco 49ers? The Los Angeles Rams of old? How about those pesky Dallas Cowboys? Share your tales with the crowd!

Tee's Corner ~ Arch Rivals