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Tee’s Corner Podcast: Favorite New Orleans Saints Player

There’s plenty of Saints players that have come and gone over the years, but Who Do You Love?

Welcome back to Tee's Corner, and thanks for listening! On today's show, I explore the topic of favorite players. As we stare down this large, looming beast known as the NFL off-season, we find ourselves with a lot of time to think. Some of us think about free agency, others draft prospects, and then other, like myself, just consider the team. When I use the term team, it’s a very broad term because I am thinking about everything Saints related. For the purpose of today’s discussion, let’s focus on the players and why certain guys endear themselves to you.

For every fan, the criteria for selecting a favorite player is different. My personal criteria is founded on a couple of things, but my fandom is not completed restricted by the criteria. Taking it a step further, my criteria is slightly different for Saints players versus players for another team whom I like. With players in black and gold, it is very easy to define with three simple rules:

1) Is he productive,

2) Does he appear to care about the team, &

3) Does he have off the field issues?

If a player can check those 3 boxes, he’ll catch my eye and more than likely get my favorite stamp. Marques Colston epitomized these criteria and was my favorite (recent) Saint through his retirement. Kenny Vaccaro is my new guy, though Michael Thomas has quickly stolen a place in this fan’s heart.

Thinking back to the early years of my fandom, Dalton Hilliard gained my attention during a simpler time in my life when I just wanted to run the ball. He was everything I dreamed of being - playing running back AND for the Saints! I liked other players of that era including Rickey Jackson, Pat Swilling, and Bobby Hebert, but Dalton was the guy, hands down.

Of course, I am not blind to the league there are players on other teams who I like and would be happy to see join the Saints. To name a few, there is Eric Berry, Antonio Brown, Landon Collins, and DeAndre Hopkins who would be awesome in black & gold. Additional criteria for non-Saints? Easy, take my main 3 rules and add in ‘never burned the Saints’. If I could have have two recently retired guys come back in their prime to play in N.O.? I’d take Andre Johnson and Ed Reed.

Now let’s hear it from you guys! Who is your favorite player currently on the New Orleans Saints roster. Going further, who is your favorite Saints player historically?