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New Orleans Saints to Install Scrambler to Block Social Media in Locker Room

According to coach Payton it’s time to take preventative action on Social media concerns,

NFL: New Orleans Saints-Training Camp
And if I could I’d block it here too.
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Credit to the Advocate’s Nick Underhill for breaking the news. Saints coach Sean Payton plans to install scramblers to block social media from the players in the locker room.

You can listen to the actual interview from at the Tiki and Tierney show on CBS Radio. The beginning of the interviews starts with the trade rumors that were surrounding Payton, which he quickly dismisses. Skip ahead to about eight minutes in for the pertinent comments.

Sean Payton says he wants his players to concentrate of the game and plans to stop social media distractions by installing scramblers in the locker room. They would be activated two hours before games. The question which sparked this was how would he deal with a 3rd string TE or other player who had post to social media like Antonio Brown of the Steelers had done. Jokingly, but in likely all seriousness, he said it would be easy to deal with with a 3rd string player, ie, you’re outta here, but the real problem would be with an important player. He then went on to say he was going to solve that issue by installing signal scramblers in the locker room. When asked if this was a Saints thing or NFL thing he replied, “It’s going to be a Sean Payton thing.”

Lots of more tidbits if you want to listen to the whole thing.