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Saints Fans Ultimate Falcons Hate Lagniappe: Just Say No Lombardi for Dirty Birds

Come on now folks. This has to be the ultimate hate week for all of us Saints fans.

NFL: AFC Championship-Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

First of all let me stress that while this “Hate Week Lagniappe Post” will tempt us extremely, I must stress that profanity will not be allow. Most Falcons bashing will, however the community guidelines still apply. It’s an open sort of post so don’t be surprised to have the enemy pop in. Refrain yourselves as best you can if they do. I’m not going to post my Gumbo recipe, because I’d never ruin a Gumbo with a dirty bird.

I know it’s kind of ironic to call it an open topic post, saying any topic is fair game and then telling you but no Politics, Religion, or personal attacks, but I must stress the need to keep things civil. If you do post something against guidelines it will be deleted along with the subsequent comments. For a refresher here are those specific community guidelines:

  • The other SBN and CSC rules still apply. No racist, sexist, or personal attacks on anyone. It's vulgar in other venues, it's still vulgar here.
  • As well, no politics or religion talk. Nothing good can come from it.
  • If you think something is Not Safe For Work (NSFW), don't post it, link it instead.
  • Just because this is an Open-Topic thread, does not mean football talk is off limits! Just remember, keep arguments rational, and don't get personal. If you feel things are getting too heated, step away and take a breath.
  • No trolling. We don't want it, no need for it.

On that same vein as the previous rule, you may see some inside jokes. Don't assume you know what's what, make sure to find out what's going on before getting upset.

Now to the topic at hand. As a Saints fan I can never pull for our most hated rival. Believe it or not there are purported fans out there who are pulling for the Falcons. I myself, caught much flak last years for suggesting we pull for the Panthers who represented our division. The Falcons are a far different story in my mind. For one, most of their fan base and several players have been very disrespectful, hell let’s call it like it is, down right ugly to us, the city of New Orleans, and our team. Another thing, the Falcons, unlike the Buccaneers and Panthers, have always been our rivals. Yes we have plenty of reasons to hate both of the other franchises, but Tampa already has a Lombardi, and the Panthers failed not once, but twice in glorious fashion.

Let me remind you this is the Falcons second trip to the Super Bowl as well. They were humiliated by the Broncos in 1998. Unlike some I even like the Patriots, and can easily pull for them. Especially this year. It would be sweet to have the Bill Belicheck/Tom Brady duo defeat Atlanta in glorious fashion. By all means, please keep the Lombardi out of the Falcons trophy case.

As always you can discuss almost anything, but I’m pretty sure we’ll have plenty of hate comments to fill out the weekend. Sport you Saints colors and cast any evil spells, sorry Rev, you can think of against our number one enemy.