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Ex-Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis has himself a day on Instagram

Don’t let Brandin Cooks trade rumors distract you from Keenan Lewis providing New Orleans Saints drama.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Ex-New Orleans Saints cornerback and veteran free agent Keenan Lewis might want to learn when to quit if he’s still looking to play in the NFL again.

On Monday afternoon, Lewis took to his personal Instagram account to discuss a few things, which included taking up for Brandin Cooks and addressing an alleged comment of Willie Snead calling him a ‘bum’. However, it turned south pretty quickly.

The first video was basic trash talk on some the team, with comments directed at Dennis Allen and Mickey Loomis along with Snead (among other things I won’t repeat), but Lewis arguably went over the line when he allegedly made a phone call to receiver Michael Thomas and put the conversation on speaker that was broadcast unbeknownst to him.

Thomas later refuted that it wasn’t him in a tweet, and Lewis felt the need to make a second video that provided even more entertaining for fans.

These videos from his second live video, which contain explicit language, are NSFW and speak for themselves.

Social media is a great platform for many things, but clearly some take it too far and don’t think before they speak. Lewis pointed out that he’s going to by fully cleared to play in 2017, and has several teams interested. These videos don’t seem to portray him in the best light, and cannot simply be ignored.