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Jimmy Graham Gave New Orleans Saints Some of the Best Tight End Performances in Decades

Jimmy Graham’s career in New Orleans offered two of the best single seasons by a TE ever.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Over at, they are continuing their Top 25 of the Past 25 Years series. This time, they’re tackling single-season performances by a Tight End. Former New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham appeared twice on the list during his time in the Bayou, first coming in at #17 with his 2013 season.

In earning his first and only bid to the league's All-Pro First Team, Jimmy Graham scored 16 touchdowns -- the most of any single season in his career. In doing so, Graham also tallied, 86 catches, 8.56 yards per target and an AV of 11.

Later in the list, Graham showed up again at #6 with his remarkable 2011 season, where he really burst onto the scene.

By measure of scores, Graham's second season isn't up to par with his fourth. However, he was much more efficient in securing 99 catches and 11 touchdowns. While averaging 8.79 yards per target, his 1,310 yards, 81.9 yards per game and AV of 13 are the best numbers of his career.

After what could be called a disappointing first year in Seattle after his trade to the Seahawks, Graham finally came back into his own in 2016, finishing with 926 yards. With rumors that Seattle could look to trade Graham this offseason or outright release him with one year remaining on his current deal, Graham is set to test the free agency market next offseason regardless. It will be interesting to see if the Saints consider bringing back the best Tight End in franchise history for another rodeo.