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10 Random Pieces of Saints Memorabilia Currently For Sale

Looking through eBay you can find a bunch of stuff to blow your money on.

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With all of the talk right now leading up to the 2017 NFL Draft, all we’re talking about are potential draft prospects and mock drafts. I thought it would be good to liven the place up a little with something a little lighter to read and pass the time. So here are 10 Random Pieces of Saints Memorabilia Currently For Sale (all photos from eBay).

Drew Brees guitar

With a starting bid of only $20,000.00 you can own the actual guitar played by Drew Brees at a Brees Foundation event at the House of Blues. The guitar is signed by unnamed members of the New Orleans Saints team, and will only cost you the price of a small new car.

100,00 football cards

If $20,000 is too pricey for you, how about paying $5,000 instead for some football cards. No, we’re not talking about rare vintage, autographed cards. This price gets you 100,000 common football cards featuring Saints players. Because 80,000 cards is simply not enough.

Fleur-de-lis necklace

Now this one might not be fair to label it as “Saints memorabilia,” but it has “New Orleans Saints” in the title, so that’s why it’s going here. You can buy a gaudy gold and diamond pendant for a measly $2,000.

Saints Super Bowl ticket stubs

Here’s a drop-off in price. You can buy four Super Bowl tickets for an original price of only $600! Problem is... the tickets have already been used. For $600, you can buy four used ticket stubs to the Saints Super Bowl win against the Indianapolis Colts.

Saints Super Bowl replica Lombardi

Speaking of the Saints Super Bowl win, here’s one that might actually be something Saints fans would buy. For only $400, you can own a full-size replica of the Lombardi trophy presented to the New Orleans Saints after Super Bowl XLIV. It has the final score of the game between the Saints and Colts and would be an interesting centerpiece for any Saints fan man cave.

Saints thermometer

While you’re decorating your man cave, why not drop $1,100 for a large Saints thermometer? I actually have no commentary to offer on this one. Why would anyone spend that much on a thermometer? I really don’t get it.

Saints glass bar lamp

Here’s one that I actually understand. If your man cave is Saints-themed, a Saints hanging lamp might actually be a good addition over your pool table or bar. It’s definitely not cheap, with an original asking price of $950, but I could definitely see these populating man caves all over Saints nation.

Saints helmet artwork

If you prefer having a one-of-a-kind piece instead, artwork or autographs are the way to go. Here is an original piece of art by pop artist Peter Max entitled “Saints Original Super Bowl XLIV Helmet” and it can be yours for only $4,500.

Benson family signed pylon

Maybe an autograph is more your taste? For only $500 you can get a unique piece of autographed Saints memorabilia to add to your collection. Drew Brees? Archie Manning? Rickey Jackson? Deuce McAllister? Nope. Tom, Rita and Gayle Benson on a pylon.

Kim Kardashian signed jersey

I saved my favorite for last. During the Saints Super Bowl season, Saints Running Back Reggie Bush dated Kim Kardashian. So for almost $1,500, you can buy a custom-made Kim Kardashian #25 Reggie Bush jersey signed on the back from the reality TV starlet.


So what do you think? Would you buy any of these items at their prices for your collection? What’s the strangest piece of Saints memorabilia you’ve seen for sale? Let me know in the comments.