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Deuce McAllister on AP: He’ll be a great back-up

Deuce knows it’s still Ingram’s show.

NFC Championship: Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

TMZ just posted a video of former New Orleans Saints Running Back Deuce McAllister discussing the signing of new New Orleans Saints Running Back Adrian Peterson. You can view the whole video here.

In it, among other things, Deuce makes it clear who he believes will be the primary RB on the Saints’ depth chart - and that’s Mark Ingram. Deuce says, “It’s Mark Ingram’s job to lose, whether it’s on the first day [of the season] or the last day, I still think it’s his job to lose.” Obviously this fits in with the current mentality of Saints fans, but it’s nice to get that continued reassurance from someone so connected to the team still.

When asked about whether or not the Peterson signing is a good move for the Saints, Deuce reaffirms the benefits of adding someone of AP’s caliber to the Saints offense. He also says that he believes AP is “OK” with a back-up role in New Orleans. Interestingly enough, Deuce makes the wise PR move and doesn’t mention the baggage that Peterson is bringing with him to the bayou, but did we really expect him to volunteer that information?