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2017 NFL Draft: Day Three Live Thread

Baring any unlikely trades our Saints have only one pick left this year. The booing of Roger Goodell almost makes watch the whole draft worthwhile. Well maybe not.

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After a controversial day two of drafting the Saints have only one pick left. The 12th pick in round two. Number 196. Of course the totally unpredictable draft gurus of our team are quite willing to trade away next years picks. Lets’ hope they stand pat. Not likely to have many trade opportunities to pick up more picks with that 6th rounder.

Let’s take a look at yesterday’s action.

With the 10th pick in the second round the Saints chose the Safety out of Utah, Marcus Williams . With pass rush still not addressed fans immediately started questioning this choice. Also started questioning whether the team had lot confidence in last years pick, Vonn Bell. Relax folks. With Rafael Bush as our main depth, I totally understand the pick. Williams is a very good free roaming safety, and does not distract from Bell. In camp I image Bell and Williams will be competing for the FA spot or the third spot in the 3 safety set.

The next move which started tongues a wagging was the move up in the third round. They traded away the second pick in 2018, and this years seventh rounder. The price to move up was actually pretty low. To make this type of move you would usually give up at least this years third rounder, and a fourth, and possibly a late round pick in 2018. I know it’s a second in 2018, but that second could be very late depending on the Saints 2017 success.

The most surprising thing about the move is they went with running back Alvin Kamara. This was a good value pick, but there was a lot of pass rush and linebacker talent still left on the board.

With the next pick in the third round they chose the linebacker from Florida Alex Anzalone. This was first time I really questioned their board. Anzalone is a very talented player who has a long history of dealing with injuries. That is my biggest knock on this one. The Saints have a very poor record involving picks with injury histories. Mickey obviously was confident on Alex’s health.

We finally addressed pass rush with the last pick in the third round. They choose Trey Hendrickson from Florida Atlantic. More importantly they took him without having to reach. Hendrickson was projected as a potential second rounder, so great value there.

Trey will also help out in special teams.

Despite my questioning the Anzalone pick I feel the Saints have had a good draft thus far. With only the sixth round pick left we can begin looking forward to UDFA action following the conclusion of the 2017 NFL draft.