2017 CSC Community Mock Draft

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Good afternoon CSC Community,

As some of you already know, this was something Dave had in place last year, and I would like to get this going.

If you aren't familiar, then check out some of the links:

From my understanding, Dave took the Saints to keep it fair, and then allowed others from the community to select a team, make their picks, provide their own analysis, and it will then be featured on CSC.

Since I obviously wasn't around for this last year, please feel free to fill me in on what worked and what didn't work. But, what I'd propose is that those interested leave me a comment with what team they are interested in drafting for (first come, first serve basis).

Round 1 Order

  1. Cleveland - Joey Dauphine
  2. San Francisco - WilliamsonSAW
  3. Chicago - BayouBear72
  4. Jacksonville - kkc40
  5. Tennessee (from LAR) - Saints260912
  6. New York Jets - quickdrawdoc
  7. Los Angeles Chargers - Fantasma17
  8. Carolina - AHenderson
  9. Cincinnati - coldpizza
  10. Buffalo - JR Ella
  11. New Orleans - Hendrix
  12. Cleveland (from PHI) - Joey Dauphine
  13. Arizona - ryan_la_sports_7
  14. Philadelphia (from MIN) - nolabbtb
  15. Indianapolis - WilliamsonSAW
  16. Baltimore - Jarred Braxton
  17. Washington
  18. Tennessee - Saints260912
  19. Tampa Bay
  20. Denver - Bob Rose
  21. Detroit - Kevin Skiver
  22. Miami
  23. New York Giants
  24. Oakland Las Vegas - Aaron
  25. Houston - Tee Word
  26. Seattle - JR Ella
  27. Kansas City - stujo4
  28. Dallas
  29. Green Bay
  30. Pittsburgh - Bob Rose
  31. Atlanta - russty
  32. New Orleans (from NE) - Hendrix

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