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Saints Draft Day 3 Grade: C for “Crapshoot”

Big risk could turn into big reward - or total bust.

Nebraska v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Hey, everybody. Dunz here again, and I’m still grading each day of the New Orleans Saints’ draft picks in the 2017 NFL Draft. Here’s a recap of what happened Day 3:

Round 6 (196 overall) Al-Quadin Muhammad

Make sure you check back for “extra credit” grades for undrafted free agents, as well as a final draft “report card” recapping all of the grades and assigning an overall grade to all of the Saints picks. Here are links to previous grades:

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Savannah State v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Al-Quadin Muhammad

The odds of finding a diamond in the rough in the sixth and seventh rounds of the draft are not in a team’s favor. The more upside you’re looking for, the more risk that player carries. There’s probably not a better example of that in a Saints pick than Al-Quadin Muhammad getting selected in the 6th Round.

Muhammad has been out of football since 2015 after getting dismissed from the University of Miami for disciplinary reasons. However, prior to his dismissal, Muhammad let the team in tackles for loss and added an extra 5 QB sacks.

Drafting a player with a history of character issues to a city like New Orleans always present extra cause for concern. Muhammad is already fighting an uphill battle to make the Saints roster, let alone become an impact player for the team, but the Saints need to take every gamble they can for help rushing the passer.

Grade for the Muhammad/Day 3 pick: C