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Brandon Browner posts Sean Payton reached out to him in April, criticizes NFL’s drug testing

Brandon Browner uses Instagram to open up the curtain on the NFL’s drug testing procedures.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints and Brandon Browner didn’t exactly have a wonderful partnership, and it’s clear that he’ll go down as one of the team’s worst free agent signings of all-time.

So why bring him up? Something swirled from his personal Instagram account early on Saturday morning worth passing along. Per his post, which has since been deleted, Browner posted a screenshot of a Twitter direct message exchange on April 10 from what allegedly looks to be head coach Sean Payton. Per the conversation, it asked Browner to call him. The response given by Browner was his phone number, and then some interesting things said by the veteran corner.

Brandon Browner Instagram Post
Brandon Browner Instagram Post

My point is I didn't call him back I hit him back with my number. And it's nothing against Payton or the Saints I swear I'm forever grateful for them. I was just so done with dealing with the NFL inside shit. I was drug tested my whole freaking career, I won two appeals that no one knew about. Another reason I'm so thankful for the saints. I was prescribed pain meds for a injury, league tried to fine me and kick me out for it. This happen my last year. I took all my punishment and it played out how it was supposed to be. But man it's some cold cases cats dodge. And I was hit with this tag and I had our NFLPA Heather Mcafee lawyer tell me to accept these last two fines and we beat both. So when I tell u I got tired of being subject to a drug test 2x a week. With no treatment that shit made me angry. Felt like a prisoner like I was on parole or probation.

Browner goes on in detail to talk about the NFL’s rules around drug testing procedures, citing that missing one considers you failing it. It’s unclear what Payton contacted Browner about exactly, and the speculation could run wild. The NFL and marijuana usage has been a very big hot button lately, especially with the NFLPA and most recently Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who wanted the league to drop its prohibition on it.