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New Orleans Saints Rookie Signing Should Start Happening Quickly

Draft pick signings across the league have been happening on a regular basis. The Saints may be the lone exception.

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a typical, somewhat baffling style, the Saints restructured Zach Strief’s contract and actually raised his cap hit for 2017. What may have been overlooked by many is the fact that none of our draft picks have been signed yet.

To sign all of the picks we would spent about 8 mil. We only have about 4.5 mil and change left in cap dollars. So it is no real surprise that all have not been signed. Still we had enough to sign either some of the top picks or the lower tier. Of that rookie pool only about 7.5 mil would count against the cap. The seventh round draftee will fall below the top 51 dollar amount.

You can expect signings to start happening pretty quickly after June 1st, when the Jairus Byrd cut will bring some needed cap relief. Below I’ll break down some rough estimates on what the selections will receive when signed.

#1 pick Marshon Lattimore should receive almost 2.8 mil.

#2 Ryan Ramczyk about 1.8 mil

#3 Marcus Williams about 1.1 mil.

The rest all receive less that a million so:

#4 Alvin Kamara around 700 K.

#5 Alex Anzalone 680 K.

#6 Trey Hendrickson 640 K.

An the #7th pick, Al-Quadin Muhammad, will not affect the cap limit at only 500 k.

With OTAs happening and training camp ahead you can expect Mickey Loomis to start bring these rookies under contract fairly quickly.