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Saints’ Alvin Kamara Debuts Rookie Trading Card through Panini

If you still collect and/or trade player cards like I used to as a chillun’, check out Alvin Kamara’s new Saints rookie card released from Panini America

Panini America

The Saints’ third-round pick, running back Alvin Kamara, was in L.A. last weekend at the 2017 NFLPA Rookie Premier. Joining 36 other rookies from across the league, Kamara posed in his new Saints uniform and signed memorabilia. The event centered around Panini America, which is the official trading card partner of the NFL and NFLPA.

Panini America utilized their Panini Instant platform to release real-time cards featuring the rookies in their NFL uniforms for the very first time. The Panini Instant collection is meant to specially commemorate milestones and achievements in real-time.

Important info regarding the Panini Instant collection is listed below:

  • This specific card was only offered until May 25th, and is available in a base version, numbered to 50, numbered to 25, numbered to 10, numbered to 5 and one-of-one on a first come basis (green and black editions are still available)
  • The cards will be shipped to consumers within eight to ten business days after the ordering window expires
  • Collectors know that Panini will likely produce multiple Kamara trading cards during his upcoming years in the NFL, but this is the chance for fans to get the very first one in his uniform
  • Price ranges from $9.99-$149.99 depending on the variation