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New Orleans Saints news: Revolving door stays open for veteran Khalif Barnes

Wednesday was pretty slow for Saints news, but hey - Guess who’s back? Back again. Barnes is back. Tell a friend.

New Orleans Saints

It was a relatively quiet day for the New Orleans Saints, but there was still some news and good articles to pass along.

PFT Live takes a look at the top five free-agent signings | ProFootballTalk
On many days during the NFL season and throughout the early months of the offseason, it’s declared at the outset of PFT Live that we’re gonna need a bigger show. As the offseason programs wind down and the true dead spot in the NFL calendar approaches, it takes a little effort to fill the 12 segments of a three-hour show.

Rafael Bush embracing role of grizzled veteran in young Saints secondary |
Even the coaches are different. While Bush was in Detroit last season, New Orleans hired Peter Giunta and Aaron Glenn to coach the secondary.

Bush knows the man at the top well, though.

"I had Bush in Denver, and then we had Bush here two years ago, so we felt like we know this player," defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said. "I think he's a versatile player, he can play both the strong and the free. He's smart, he does a good job of communicating."

Saints' Michael Thomas 'saw a lot of potential' from Marshon Lattimore at Ohio State |
"I'm excited for him," Thomas said. "As long as he just works his technique and listens to a great coach like Aaron Glenn and then the other guys in the room (like) Delvin Breaux, there's a lot of talent in there and those guys could help him develop even faster."

Saints' flexible defensive scheme allows Dennis Allen to mix and match personnel |
Allen said last year the decision to play three safeties so frequently was to put the best players on the field, and as he looks ahead to 2017, he plans to approach the personnel packages the same way. Sure, the Saints have added linebackers that could help them play more of a true 4-3 defense, but there's no guarantee they do so.

"We're a best 11 defense, and if our best 11 are four down and three linebackers, that's who you're going to see out on the field," Allen said last week. "The whole thought process behind what we do schematically is we have multiple packages, and that allows us to evaluate our players and see what they can do."

Rafael Bush is more important than you think | Who Dat Dish
In other words, the Saints are getting a physical safety in his prime coming off of his most productive season. And, just as importantly, the team is getting depth at a position they desperately need production from. Bush understands the culture of the Saints and now possesses veteran knowledge that will help young defensive backs on and off the field.

PREDICTION: Corey Fuller Will Be Saints #5 WR — And It Won’t Be Close • Saints News Network
If Fuller is able to hone and refine his technique issues under the guidance of Johnson, one would presume he could use his speed and experience to become a "legitimate" deep-ball threat for the Saints offense.

If in fact Fuller makes the final roster in September, he might not make Saints fans forget about the departed Brandin Cooks anytime soon.