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Cam Jordan Named Victor Over Mark Ingram in Charity “Lip Sync Battle Carnival”

Saints players perform aboard the Carnival Dream in a fun lip sync battle and raise $10,000 for United Way and $5,000 for The Mark Ingram Foundation.

Cam Jordan strikes a pose with his back up dancers
Monica Charlton

The stage was set. With the familiar backdrop of Spike TV’s popular show “Lip Sync Battle”, its first ever recreation on the Carnival Dream was launched yesterday in the Port of New Orleans. Because Carnival is an official sponsor of the New Orleans Saints, players Cameron Jordan and Mark Ingram were able to appear on the show with a chance of raising $10,000 (1st place) and $5,000 (runner-up) for their respective charities.

The Mark Ingram Foundation was launched in 2011, with a particular focus on helping children with at least one incarcerated parent. Ingram, Sr., a former New York Giant, spent seven years in prison for bank fraud and money laundering. He was still serving time when Ingram Jr. won his Heisman Trophy. The foundation helps in many ways and is well known for its Shop with a Saint program that takes children affected by parental incarceration on a holiday shopping spree.

Cam Jordan has done work with United Way for years, and last season wore custom United Way cleats as part of the #MyCauseMyCleats campaign that allowed players to bring attention to the charity of their choice. Most recently, United Way has launched a Saints sponsored football camp for children across seven parishes that not only focuses on having fun, but more importantly, building character.

Ingram had the first chance to wow the crowd with his rendition of Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again”. Wearing a long wig and sparkly pants, Ingram head banged and air guitar-ed his way through a spirited performance complete with back up dancers. Jordan followed with club favorite Usher’s “Yeah.” Displaying his confident dance moves, Jordan boogied in unison with his back up dancers, which got the crowd excited enough to vote him the winner.

Jordan said he got his dance moves and stage confidence from dancing with his mom growing up. Ingram said he demanded a recount and that he now respects women with long hair more after trying to perform with hair in his face. Both players were gracious and happy to have such a unique and fun opportunity to support both their charities.

Ingram stuck around for a few minutes to entertain some football related questions too. Mike Triplett asked the elephant in the room question we all wanted to ask.

“Does having a future hall of famer sharing the backfield stoke your competitive fire?”, Triplett ventured. Not surprisingly, Ingram answered true to his mentality he’s kept since day one in a Saints uniform. “I just gotta keep practicing and keep getting better. It doesn’t matter who’s in the backfield with me, I’m giving 100 percent.”

By now, Ingram is used to sharing the ball with several talented running backs, and competition at the position has only yielded stronger performances from Ingram. Despite his candor, I think this is going to be the last time Ingram wants to finish second. The competition between he and free agent acquisition Adrian Peterson should push Ingram to his strongest season yet.