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Saints Help Promote Youth Sports In Canada With NFL Play 60

Past and present members of the New Orleans Saints teamed up to promote NFL Play 60 in Canada.

Delvin Breaux of the New Orleans Saints speaks to kids during a NFL Play 60 event in Canada.
NFL Canada

On Saturday, current and former members of the New Orleans Saints took the fields in Hamilton, Canada to help promote the NFL’s Play 60 campaign. Starters Mark Ingram, Cameron Jordan and Delvin Breaux were joined by Saints legend Michael Lewis as they represented the Saints as the NFL continues to promote efforts that combat childhood obesity.

Nine teams were selected to represent the NFL in Canada, but it was a bit of a “2nd Homecoming” for Breaux. Hamilton is the home of the Tiger Cats, the CFL team where Delvin played before catching the eye of the Saints and eventually making his way into the NFL.

In an interview with TSN in Hamilton, Breaux had a lot to say about the importance of the need for kids to spend time being active every day. “At four years old, I kid you not, my dad had a helmet on me and a football in my hand and I was running through cones.” He added, “Nowadays, you have kids playing video games and being on their cell phones a lot and not actually getting out there and taking care of their body.”

The NFL’s Play 60 initiative’s mission statement is “To make the next generation of youth the most active and healthy.” Launched in 2007, the program has helped children both in the US and abroad become active and has also helped grow the NFL’s brand. If you’d like to learn more about the NFL Play 60 campaign, check out their website.