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New Orleans Saints news: Players strike a pose for team’s media day

Saints players partook in media day on Monday, modeling off the black on black uniforms, plus some good insight on newcomer Alex Jenkins.

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints had their media day for the players on Monday, and there’s some cool shots of players to pass along. You’ll notice the collars on the jerseys look different this year, and that’s a good thing. Adrian Peterson, Ted Ginn Jr., Sheldon Rankins, Marshon Lattimore, Michael Thomas, and Cameron Jordan are all found in the photoshoots.

Nick Fairley's heart history reason for optimism - The San Diego Union-Tribune
This is Fairley’s second year with New Orleans. Certainly, he had a full physical before signing. He played with the condition at Auburn and then for six NFL seasons without issue while other orthopedic ailments have landed him on injured reserve. Perhaps something changed with his annual team physical, or it is possible his previously detected heart condition has changed or worsened.

The hope and expectation is that the additional tests are all precautionary. Chances are excellent that Fairley’s career is not over and the headlines are overstated.

How Saints punter Thomas Morstead is adjusting to life without Justin Drescher |
“It’s not just the mechanics. That’s one piece that everyone is focused on, obviously,” Morstead said. “It’s the dynamics. The relationship. How do you work with somebody? How do you communicate with guys? All those things. It’s just an ongoing thing to learn.”

Morstead was a little surprised when the Saints started picking up long snappers this offseason and decided to go in another direction. The team has finished in the top five in net punting average in all but two seasons Drescher has been here. But he wasn’t shocked. Not because he felt a change was needed, but because Morstead has been around long enough to know not to assume anything.

Did Kenny Vaccaro find New Orleans Saints' solution at edge rusher? - ESPN
“It’s surreal, man. Not many guys get to go back and play with some of their college teammates that are as close as we are. So it was just a great opportunity,” said Okafor, a 6-foot-4, 261-pounder who has 13.5 sacks over the past three years -- including eight in 2014. “Obviously I feel like I can be that guy (opposite Jordan), so it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Saints' Marcus Murphy focused on improvement, eyes rebound in third season |
"One thing I had a problem with last year, I think one of the issues was holding on to the ball," Murphy said. "Just ball security drills, a lot of footwork drills. Pretty much the main thing was working out and getting in shape to get ready for this year."

Saints rookie Alex Jenkins combines knowledge of martial arts with pass rushing skills |
The 24-year-old Jenkins couldn't avoid the workouts when considering his father, Peter, teaches Jeet Kune Do, a martial arts style founded by the legendary Bruce Lee and has roots in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

"I never took it officially," Jenkins said. "But every time I walked past him in the hallways, he'd grab my hands and start trapping."

The incorporation of hands come in a variety of Jeet Kune Do forms, such as the Pak Sao or Phon Sao, and the movements are designed to block or ensnare an opponent's hands and arms while simultaneously going on the offensive.

Sources: Arthur Maulet leads Saints' UDFAs in guaranteed money |
Each team has an allocation of around $98,000 to give to undrafted players in signing bonuses. But one way of getting around that is through guaranteeing portions of a player’s base salary to make the offer more attractive. So, the total guarantee is more important than the signing bonus.

New Orleans signed 12 players immediately after the draft. Of those, four can be considered priority free agents. Cornerback Arthur Maulet led the team with $27,000 in total guarantees ($12,000 signing bonus, $15,000 base guarantee), with offensive linemen Collin Buchanan ($10,000 signing bonus, $15,000 base), Cameron Lee ($10,000 signing bonus, $15,000 base) and Cameron Tom ($10,000 signing bonus, $10,000 base) coming in next, according to league sources.