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Saints Add Former Dolphins DOFA In Analytics Role

Ryan Herman will join the Saints in an analytics role for the 2017 season.

Miami Dolphins

New Orleans has made several coaching and front office changes in recent years, and they’ve continued this week by bringing in former Dolphins director of football administration Ryan Herman in an analytical role. Ryan worked for the Dolphins from 2010 until 2016 where he helped the team work to control and maintain their salary cap.

Jeff Ireland, who was the General Manager of the Dolphins at the time(2008-2013), is an obvious connection to Ryan that may have been the driving force in bringing him to New Orleans.

This is the first position of it’s type being filled in New Orleans. While the team’s official website lists Mr. Herman as part of the front office staff it provides no details as to what his role exactly entails. However, this type of role is becoming more common around the NFL.

According to a recent article by SI, the Saints run an “old school” type program in regards to how it handles analytics. In this case, it would seem the Saints hiring of Mr. Herman indicates an attempt to bring a different paradigm into the room. New Orleans has struggled in recent years with various contract signings and dead cap situations.