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New Orleans Saints With 9th Best QB Situation in the NFL

Drew Brees’s age is the only thing pulling him down.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

There’s no denying that Father Time is one of the many opponents New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees will be facing in 2017. So it’s no surprise then, that when Rotoworld ranked the best QB Situations, that Drew Brees’s age kept him at 9th overall (last year he was 7th).

The only current NFLer as ageless as Tom Brady [ranked 7th by Rotoworld] is Drew Brees. For his age-37 campaign, Brees threw for the fourth-most yards in NFL history (5,208). Remarkably, it wasn’t even the highest total of his career. Brees has eclipsed 4,800 yards in each of the past six years, and blown by 5,000 five times since 2008. He is a metronome. He’s also a human being, one who turned 38 in January. Although Brees believes he could play until he’s 45, he admits his career is now a year-to-year proposition. The smart money is on Brees playing at least two more seasons, both of them in New Orleans. That’s even taking into account his impending free agency. The specter of Father Time looms too large to assume anything more. Two years of Brees is better than five years of just about anybody on this list. That’s why New Orleans is still in the top 10. Staying there will require coming up with a succession plan better than Chase Daniel and Luke McCown.

Rotoworld uses past (previous success/injury history), present, and future (age/retirement/etc) in determining ranking for each QB. Worth pointing out, all three other NFC South teams/QBs rank higher than the Saints - Matt Ryan of the Falcons is 4th, Jameis Winston of the Buccaneers is 5th, and Cam Newton of the Panthers is directly above Drew at 8th overall.

It’s important to reiterate that Rotoworld was not predicting success for the 2017 season alone, as many NFL pundits and fans alike expect Drew to put up single-season numbers as good or better than the rest of the QBs in the NFC South. Even still, Saints fans would be delusional to deny the uncertainty for the team at QB in the future.