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Making the Team Meter: Preseason Week 1

Who is trending up or down for a roster spot?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

After each New Orleans Saints preseason game, I will look at 6 fringe players and assess their likelihood of making the final New Orleans Saints roster based off of that game’s performance. Roster spot locks will not be considered as it’s already a given that players like Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, and Cam Jordan are going to make the team. That being said, here’s who trending up...

Trending Up for a Roster Spot:

WR Tommylee Lewis

A personal recommendation from Sean Payton-mentor Bill Parcells goes a long way. He was given the opportunity to shine while the big-name starters took a seat on Thursday, and he made the most of his opportunities. TLL finished over the century mark in receiving yards with a TD, and had what ESPN is called the potential “catch of the preseason” on a 32-yard dive. If Ginn continues his issue with drops, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Ginn relegated to primarily special teams work and Lewis see more time as a starting wideout.

QB Ryan Nassib

The Saints have carried 3 QBs in the past, but there are currently 3 QBs on the Saints roster vying for two spots behind Drew Brees. With Nassib, Garrett Grayson and Chase Daniel all in the fold, it will likely come down to preseason success for who all make the final roster. Nassib thew for the Saints only touchdown of the game, and while he lost a fumble, so did Garrett Grayson who only finished with four completions on six attempts.

Chances Remain Unchanged:

WR Brandon Coleman

Coleman has gotten rave reviews at camp for what seems like the fifth preseason in a row, but maybe this will finally be his year. Coleman hauled in all three of his targets for 23 yards and if given the more opportunities in the preseason, he might be able to build more of a rapport with Drew for having the hands to catch the ball in critical situations. So far, he just was given the chance to show his skills in game action in the preseason.

RB Alvin Kamara

With Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson sitting out this game, Kamara was able to get a few carries in the Saints offense. He averaged a whopping 8.8 yards per carry and showed a great combination of speed and strength that you look for a potential RB of the future. After spending a third-round pick on Kamara in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Saints have every intention of keeping him on the roster.

Trending Down for a Roster Spot:

OL Bryce Harris

With injuries to the Saints offensive line, Harris looked to be a lock to make the team, even leading the team in snaps during the preseason game against the Browns. Unfortunately for all parties involved, Harris was unable to make the most of his playing time. He struggled in large chunks of the game against the Browns’ Myles Garrett and was part of the offensive line that gave up two sack fumbles on the night.

CB Ken Crawley

We’ve already addressed the ups and down of Crawley’s night, including a big pass breakup on 4th down but multiple penalties, including a defensive pass interference in the endzone late in the game. Add in a missed tackle on the night and the fact that the Saints are already looked at additional Corner depth, and Crawley is far from a lock to make the team now.