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BREAKING: New Orleans Saints Fire Pair of Team Doctors, per report

Yikes, but this makes sense.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After Nick Underhill reported that the New Orleans Saints were putting CB Delvin Breaux on the trading block due to his inability to overcome “nagging” injuries, Mike Triplett has reported today that Deryk Jones and Misty Suri, two team orthopedists, have been fired. The team has yet to confirm. This comes after the team has learned that Breaux has a fractured fibula that will require surgery and a 4-6 week recovery time and not the original bruise with which he had been diagnosed.

Triplett on the Saints’ reported frustrations:

It was accurately reported that the team has had an issue with Breaux's string of nagging injuries in the past, but this case is different. And it seems unlikely at this point that the team will be as eager to trade or release Breaux.

While the Saints have indeed been had issues with Breaux and his injury history, the delayed diagnosis here is a fault of their medical staff and not on Breaux himself. Triplett notes that the Saints are less inclined to move Breaux at this point, but the report does not specify if this is due to a forgiveness of his current medical issues or the result of a lessened return on the market due to the bone fracture.

The Saints have had an offseason marred with crucial question medical decisions, first with DT Nick Fairley and now with Breaux. It will be interesting to see how the team is able to rebound.

Stay tuned for more information.