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Free Agent CB Joe Haden Signs With Pittsburgh Steelers

While it was rumored the Saints had interest, Haden ultimately joined the Black and Yellow instead of the Black and Gold

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The cutting of CB Joe Haden by the Cleveland Brows let to a very brief free agency period as the defensive back was signed by the AFC North rival Pittsburgh Steelers. The New Orleans Saints were rumored to be in the running as they had shown prior interest in Haden’s services but had deemed the then trade costs as too high.

With his new contract, and new team, Haden will make $7 million guaranteed in his 1st year, but will not have either of the remaining two years guaranteed. The Browns offered to keep Haden by lowering his contract from the $11 million total he was promised down to $7 million before he declined.

According to a report by Adam Schefter, Haden received higher offers but chose to join the Steelers. Haden, a two time pro-bowler, will get an opportunity to see significant playing time in Pittsburgh.

The move takes Haden from one of the bottom tier teams in the league to one many analysts believe will win the division in 2017. While it is still unclear if he is truly healthy and can return to the form he showed pre-injuries the Steelers obviously felt the risk justified the means. Pittsburg has struggled with secondary health recently.