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Making the Team Meter: Preseason Week 4

Who is trending up or down for a roster spot?

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

After each New Orleans Saints preseason game, I will look at 6 fringe players and assess their likelihood of making the final New Orleans Saints roster based off of that game’s performance. Roster spot locks will not be considered as it’s already a given that players like Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, and Cam Jordan are going to make the team. That being said, here’s who trending up after Preseason Week 4...

Trending Up for a Roster Spot:

DL Al-Quadin Muhammad

If there was one player who stood out the most for the Saints during their entire preseason, it was Al-Quadin Muhammad who averaged a sack per game. Muhammad shined again during the Saints final preseason wrap-up, sacking the Ravens QB resulting in a fumble the Saints were able to recover. I doubt Muhammad would be able to make to the practice squad without getting claimed by another team, so the Saints’ best chance of keeping him would be to add him to the active roster.

LB Adam Bighill

Muhammad might not slip through to the practice squad, but Bighill might. Bighill led the team in tackles against the Ravens (mostly due to the lopsided amount of playing time he had compared to the rest of the team), and almost came down with an incredible interception early in the game. In any vent, Bighill deserves to make this team, one way or another.

Chances Remain Unchanged:

CB Arthur Maulet

Bighill might also have a shot of making the active roster on special teams, but so do other players like CB Arthur Maulet. With the Saints putting an increased emphasis on special teams play (even trading a 7th Round Pick for a long snapper), Maulet remains likely to make this team as a specialist on special teams showing his coverage ability by making a hit that resulted in a muffed punt and a Saints recovery.

LB Stephone Anthony

Not even special teams can save Stephone Anthony at this point :(

Trending Down for a Roster Spot:

RB Garrett Grayson

The back-up QB situation in New Orleans is far from ideal (to say the least), with some Saints fans clamoring for the team to sign this one guy you might have heard of. Regardless, at least you know what you’re getting with Ryan Nassib and Chase Daniel. Grayson, on the other hand, doesn’t look like an NFL QB at all at this point.

RB Daniel Lasco

Daniel Lasco and Travaris Cadet each were trying to make their case to make the team as the Saints 4th RB. One of the two RBs had a nifty fingertip catch to set up 4th and short (that should have been converted on an encroachment penalty), and the other had a costly fumble. While neither stood out in an incredibly meaningful way, Lasco’s fumble certainly didn’t help his cause.