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[VIDEO] Saints Film Study - How The Patriots Might Target The Defense

Today, we study how the New England Patriots could try to confuse and target the Saints defense going into their Week 2 matchup.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper -USA TODAY Sports

For the past few years the same question has been raised about Tom Brady, “When will he regress?” Saints fans might hope this is the year, or more specifically, this is the game. Until we actually see regression we must assume Brady is still able to perform at an elite level and he’ll be able to take advantage of the weapons he has in players like Rob Gronkowski, Brandin Cooks and Danny Amendola.

In the below film study we take a look at two drives from the Patriots loss to the Kansas City Chiefs to see how they might try to attack New Orleans’s Defense. Cooks will be making his return to New Orleans for the first time since the Saints traded him and his deep threat ability will give Dennis Allen reason for caution.

Rookie CB Marshon Lattimore and young secondary players P.J. Williams, Ken Crawley or De’Vante Harris must provide their best game to date if they hope to slow the Patriots offense. After Harris’ performance against Minnesota, maybe the team pulls him for Sterling Moore or Crawley.

While the Patriots were handed a pretty significant loss against the Chiefs their roster would seem to indicate they are in a better position to rebound than New Orleans. However, being at home as played to the Saints’ advantage in the past and maybe Cameron Jordan and rest of the Saints DL, as well as the secondary, get their legs underneath them.

As always, thanks for watching everyone. Some of you who have followed my work know that I was in a national scouting contest held by Dan Hatman’s Scouting Academy. Proud to announce I finished 3rd in that contest.

Also, I’ll be working with Dan and the Scouting Academy to continue growing in the league in preparation for the NFL Spring hiring season. My scouting submissions were graded by both current and former NFL Scouting Directors and the fact they approved really blew me away. So, a huge thank you to everyone here who has helped make this dream happen!