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A somber, yet familiar mood strikes New Orleans Saints fans

This isn’t the type of start you expected the Saints to get off to in 2017, but by now you’ve likely come to expect it.

NFL: New England Patriots at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re a fan of the New Orleans Saints, then you’re bound to be riding a wave of emotions following the Week 2 loss to the New England Patriots. The dejected demeanor is one all too familiar, and the worst part is that not many feel it’ll get better.

Sure, there’s 14 games left on the schedule for the Saints, and on paper and from a football standpoint there’s time to turn things around. But, the odds say only 12 percent of teams have a shot at cracking the postseason after starting 0-2. To be exact, only 27 of 222 possible teams have made it dating back to 1990. These Saints, though there have been different faces and promises of being better, have yet to deliver.

There was a point where it felt necessary to be optimistic about the Saints and their chances to rebound, but now we know better. The month of September continues to be a hindrance for New Orleans, as they’ve turned in a 1-11 record since 2014. Oh by the way, since we’ve beat the dead horse, the Saints are also facing their fourth straight 0-2 start.

At best, Sean Payton’s squad could win their next two contests to pull to .500, but having to do so on the road against the Panthers, and an extended road trip to London against the Dolphins. But beating the Panthers in itself poses a problem for the Saints, as they’re just 1-4 in their last five outings at Bank of America Stadium.

Can the Saints turn their wave of misfortune around? Sure, because anything can happen in the NFL, but by now, fans have tempered their expectations to accept a dark fate for their team.

The only question that remains is, when will it end?