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New Orleans Saints Dip in This Week’s Power Rankings

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New England Patriots vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Here we’ll look at five major NFL news outlets and their weekly Power Rankings to see where the New Orleans Saints stack up week-to-week. Here’s where ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, Bleacher Report and rank the Saints after their Week 2 trouncing by the New England Patriots.

ESPN - #23 (-4)

The bad news is the defense in New Orleans has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. The good news is that Drew Brees still has it at 38 years old, and as long as he keeps slinging it, the Saints could have a fighting chance. Brees has thrown the most passes without a pick (82) so far this season.

CBS - #26 (+/-)

The defense is the same as always: Horrible. Do they cover anybody?

Yahoo - #26 (-1)

The Saints are allowing 512.5 yards per game. Only one other team (Patriots) is allowing more than 409 yards per game. I don’t think that pace continues all season … but I can’t guarantee it won’t, either.

Bleacher Report - #20 (-1)

Brady tossed three touchdown passes in the first quarter against the New Orleans Saints in Week 2.

NFL - #25 (-1)

Through two weeks, it's become clear the preseason sold us a real lemon of a storyline here. TheSaints' defense has been riddled in two consecutive weeks. While I'm mindful that Tom Brady was the culprit on Sunday, we can't forget that Vikings QB Sam Bradford carved them up in Week 1. Through two weeks, opposing quarterbacks are 57 of 71 for almost 800 yards, six touchdowns and no picks. Read that last line again. Doesn't matter what Drew Brees and the offense do -- you can't win in the NFL that way.

Average Power Ranking Composite: #24 (-1)