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[VIDEO] Saints Film Study - How The Patriots Dismantled The Secondary

For the fourth straight season the Saints have started 0-2, and while not many expected them to be able to top the Patriots it was still a embarrassing display by the defense. Take a look as we study what the secondary did wrong.

NFL: New England Patriots at New Orleans Saints USA TODAY NETWORK

Tom Brady is good. Really good. Yet, watching the Saints defense against him it didn’t seem like Brady had to be the Hall of Famer he will one day be. As Brian Baldinger said, “The Patriots rarely beat themselves. They don’t need to. They let the Saints beat themselves.”

There were a couple of positive takeaways from Sunday’s loss, but the overwhelming majority of pass plays were negatives. Many issues you’ll see in the below video are egregious mental errors that leave wide receivers wide open. The Saints secondary in 2016 led by Dennis Allen, which my most accounts was less talented overall, was fundamentally better.

Are the issues coaching? Is there a talent deficiency? Is it a mix of both? Give the below video a watch and decide for yourself.

As always, thanks for watching. Who (or what) would you like the next film study to be on? Who Dat, and God bless.