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Saints vs. Panthers: Week 3 Live Game Thread

The Saints and Panthers face off in a divisional clash, and it’s a tale of the winless taking on the undefeated in the young and early NFL season.

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

If there was ever a time for the New Orleans Saints to pick up a victory, then it’d be in Week 3 when they travel to take on the Carolina Panthers. It’s their first NFC South matchup of the season, and Sean Payton’s 0-2 Saints have their hands full with Ron Rivera’s 2-0 squad.

Miscues, breakdowns, false promises, and just about anything else you want to attribute to the team’s disappointing start to the year fits at this point. You’ve probably heard that old adage about teams that start 0-2 and their chances of making the playoffs. Just less than 12 percent of teams (27-of-222) have started in the hole to make the postseason since 1990.

At this point, we’d just take a Saints victory. New Orleans looks to avoid their third straight 0-3 start, and somewhat improve on their abysmal 1-11 September record since 2014. The deck is stacked for a team that’s just 1-4 in Carolina in their past five outings, with only a Thursday Night Football victory in 2014 to boast of.

Stranger things have happened, and expectations are low heading into this one. So, we’ll see what transpires.