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[VIDEO] Saints Film Study - Coby Fleener Showing Improvement

Before the win against the Carolina Panthers, Saints fans didn’t have many things to cheer about including players. However, Coby Fleener was an exception.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Not many Saints fans came into 2017 expecting much from Coby Fleener. Some had already written him off as a free agent bust to be added to the long list of recent failures. Fleener seems to have heard them, and he is on a mission to prove them wrong.

While you’re unlikely to see Drew Brees connecting to Fleener for insane stat-lines like he did with Jimmy Graham we have seen a consistent threat in the middle of the field who has “toughened up”. With Willie Snead serving a three game suspension Fleener has seen a lot of time in the slot and he’s used it to his advantage.

Currently, Fleener is on pace for his best season in receptions, catch percentage and touchdowns. While the season is far from over it’s good to see improvement. In the below video we go over several of Fleener’s plays from the first two games to see what’s different about the Saints top flex tight end.

As always, thanks for watching. Who (or what) would you like the next film study to be on? Who Dat, and God bless.