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Our Fondest 2017 Saints Memories | Grading Last Year’s Starting LBs [Podcast]

Every year there is a transition from “last season” to “this season” and for the Saints that starts here on this episode of WDC.

The 2017 campaign for the New Orleans Saints should be regarded as a success. After three straight 7-9 seasons they were able make a playoff run that ended in dramatic fashion. While every Saints fan would want their team to be playing this upcoming Sunday, there are still some great memories to look back on in 2017.

Ellias points out some of his favorites, as do some of the New Orleans faithful, as we transition from fond memories to grading the linebacker group and look at how they can possibly improve the position (and if they should).

A.J. Klein, Manti Te’o, Alex Anzalone, and Craig Robertson all saw time as primary starters, but are they the answers moving forward?

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