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Saints HC Sean Payton Likes Baker Mayfield, Will They Go QB? [Podcast]

Reports have surfaced that Head Coach Sean Payton likes Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield. Will New Orleans draft a QB in the 2018 draft? Ellias and Rev discuss!

Arguably the most polarizing figure in the 2018 NFL Draft is QB Baker Mayfield, and according to a report by Charles Robinson, Saints Head Coach Sean Payton is with us for #MayfieldHive.

Will the Saints draft a quarterback in 2018 to study under Drew Brees? Time waits for no man, as they say, and at some point Brees’ success has to come to an end. Rev and Ellias discuss drafting a QB for the Saints and why it makes sense. For those who don’t now, both subscribe to Ron Wolf’s philospohy in regards to the QB position: Address it ever year.

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