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Super Bowl 2018: The best location to watch the big game

Let’s face it. People spend big money on Super Bowl parties, even if their respective team isn’t in the big game. So, where’s the best place to watch?

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Super Bowl 52 hysteria is underway, as the Philadelphia Eagles will be taking on the New England Patriots on Sunday, Feb. 4. While we have the Pro Bowl and Senior Bowl to help provide some filler, preparations are likely underway for you to enjoy the big game. SB Nation continues their focus on the Super Bowl by helping provide some locations to consider, because not everyone has thousands of bucks to dish out to attend the game and be around for the weekly festivities.

Your Own Home

Last year, I enjoyed watching the Falcons blow a 25-point lead to the Patriots from the comfort of my own home on the big screen. It was just me, as the family didn’t have any interest in watching. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed, and their epic failure will go down encapsulated in NFL history forever.

Plus, you get all these awesome reactions that will be posted all over the internet.

Order some pizza, cook for a small crowd, and have your best friend(s) over to see if the Patriots will win another title.

At a Bar/Restaurant

I witnessed the Saints beating the Vikings from a Buffalo Wild Wings in Baton Rouge, and I don’t regret it one bit. I was in good company, to say the least. It was loud, full of black and gold, and we could hear the broadcast. Plus, the feel was similar to being at the game. Not to mention, the food was pretty tasty.

However, this can become very pricey, depending on your palate for adult beverages. Plus, it might get hard to hear the broadcast at times. You might also have to restrain yourself a bit from cheering or yelling. You’d think everyone would understand the reason for being in there and going to eat or drink, but not everyone is all about that.

Super Bowl Party

Enjoying good company (depending on who you root for) is always a welcomed thought. Of course, the key is go somewhere where you actually know the people and where you know the food is going to be great. You also want to ensure there’s a good viewing setup present with ample seating. Go to the one that has a good grill master (none of that vegan garbage either).

Where will you be watching?


Where do you prefer watching the Super Bowl?

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