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Michael Thomas Wins “Hands” Skills Challenge on Pro Bowl Weekend

Not breaking news: Michael Thomas has good hands.

NFL: Pro Bowl Skills Showdown Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The skills challenges the NFL has added to the Pro Bowl weekend have been a welcomed addition for fans and players alike. These challenges range from friendly competitive games like dodgeball, to testing football skills like strength and catching. New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl WR Michael Thomas competed in the “hands” competition where he had to make a series of tough catches under timed conditions.

With Russell Wilson throwing him the ball, Thomas had to make multiple one-handed, over-the-shoulder, high, and sideline catches in a time faster than fellow NFC Pro Bowler Devante Adams of the Green Bay Packers. His time to beat was one minute and sixteen seconds, and Thomas crushed it by almost the full sixteen seconds. See the full video below:

Thomas’s Pro Bowl teammate, rookie RB Alvin Kamara has also enjoyed himself in the skills challenges, as he was the anchor in the NFC’s relay known as the “Gridiron Gauntlet:”

Enjoy the Pro Bowl, fellas. You earned it.