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Saints & Panthers Recap | Brooms Out On 3 Game Sweep [Podcast]

In a game where the Saints pulled out all the stops, bringing in celebrities and members of the famous 2009 Super Bowl team, New Orleans edged out Carolina in the Wild Card.

What a night, and what a game. The New Orleans Saints defeated the Carolina Panthers 31-26 with New Orleans advancing to the divisional round to take on the Minnesota Vikings.

Myself and Ellias discuss whether we agree with Sean Payton getting aggressive on third down, our MVPs of the game (offense and defense) and give a big shoutout to the Saints WR group who stepped up after the Panthers made a concerted effort to shut down Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara.

Josh Hill, Brandon Coleman and Willie Snead all made appearances to help take the load off the backfield, while Ted Ginn Jr. continued his career best year. A lot of fun in laughs in this week’s episode, but soon it will be time to focus on the Vikings.

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