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Saints fans engage petty mode levels after sweeping the Panthers

Presented without comment, because it speaks for itself.

New Orleans Saints fans are following what their team celebrated in the locker room, beating the Carolina Panthers a third straight time in the same season. According to Saints Report, community member OutlawSaint has sent a gift to the team’s facility, with specific attention to Cam Newton.

Dear Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, it was a pleasure playing y’all three times and getting 3 W’s. As a thank you, please accept this blue broom and dust pain. Keep Pouting!

Who Dat!

And for those who don’t think this actually happened, here’s the order number. It would appear he used Amazon Prime.

The Saints became the first team to beat an opponent three times in a season since 2009, when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles. The 24-hour rule will be savored in its entirety, and then it’s all about the Minnesota Vikings, who the Saints will meet on Sunday afternoon.