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(Podcast) Drew Brees IS the GOAT and the Saints are 4-1

Did we mention Drew is the Goat.

NFL: Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Brian, Chris, and Patrick sit down to discuss the Saints dominating 43-19 win over the Washington Redskins (the number 1 defense in the NFL...well...they were). More than anything though we’re here to talk about the 4-1 Saints and the incredible accomplishment that Drew Brees reached Monday night as he became the NFL’s all time leader in passing yards.

Drew did that by going 23-26 as he continues to reset what it means to be accurate and efficient, and that makes his insane volume all the more impressive than its been given credit for.

The guys also discuss the pathetic, embarrassing, and insulting coverage by certain fat idiots on the NFL Network as well as the GLORIOUS roasting of Josh Norman on Twitter by Michael Thomas.

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