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Brandon Tate released | Mark Ingram returns | Dennis Allen tweaking Saints defense [Podcast]

The Saints cut Brandon Tate while also making a slew of moves on the practice squad. Oh yeah, Deuce Deuce is back!

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Well. that was fast!

After a wacky play that saw him briefly lose the ball only to have it bounce back into his hands, the Saints are moving on from return specialist Brandon Tate. However, he wasn’t the only name on the list of players let go on Tuesday, as 4th round draft pick Rick Leonard was also cut from the practice squad. With so many transactions, Deuce and Ellias answer the question - are the Saints currently searching for talent or depth?

Meanwhile, if Tate was cut for his gaffe, then Ginn probably won’t see another chance at a punt return in 2018 following his muff on the 1-yard line that cost the Saints some hidden yardage. The proof is in the pudding, New Orleans has yet to solidify their return game. Is next week a good time to hand over kick and punt return duties to Alvin Kamara on the heels of Mark Ingram’s return?

Speaking of, the Saints have to be elated #22 is back, and we’ll share our thoughts on how this affects the team going forward, and finally Deuce explains a few tweaks Dennis Allen made to help the secondary vs. New York

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