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SyncThink Launches “SyncThink Express” Injury Response Solution

Cutting edge, definitive, and objective brain health diagnostics are now only a click away. SyncThink, the company that developed EYE-SYNC, a brain health diagnostic tool, is now offering a rental program that can be utilized by anyone at any level of play. Hint hint, Saints training staff.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

I have written about SyncThink before. I’m a big fan of what they are doing for athletes today. The Palo Alto based company has produced EYE-SYNC technology that utilizes eye-tracking analytics to objectively diagnose brain health, including the presence of a concussion, inside of 60 seconds.

Former Saints and Stanford University tight end, Coby Fleener joined SyncThink’s athletic advisory board one year ago. Less than two months later, he would be placed on injured reserve after suffering his fifth documented concussion.

Fleener was never able to clear concussion protocol, but has not officially retired. Many fans were incensed when Fleener was allowed to re-enter the game against the Rams after taking a crushing hit from Blake Countess, which Countess was penalized and later fined for.

Though Sean Payton asserted proper concussion protocol was followed, Fleener returned for two more plays before being pulled by tight end coach Dan Campbell after he noticed Fleener was experiencing vision issues.

It can take minutes and possibly hours for concussion symptoms to become evident, but EYE-SYNC can help take diagnostic guessing out of the game. After a player experiences a hit to the head, they can place the EYE-SYNC goggles on, and, in 60 seconds, be objectively diagnosed through an eye-tracking assessment.

Until recently, collegiate and professional teams needed to purchase their own EYE-SYNC technology in order to use it. Beginning this month, however, any medical provider may contact Sync-Think via a national hotline with experts who will coordinate overnight delivery of a hardware kit.

Sync-Think will also provide remote training for team clinical personnel and step by step support as they assess and treat their athletes. An organization can enroll, cancel, and re-enroll at any time for a weekly fee of $500.

“We’re taking another novel approach to our technology’s portable capabilities while making it more affordable and accessible to the clinicians that want to use it post injury,” SyncThink CCO Scott Anderson said. “At the end of the day, we just want to help athletes get better, and we know how valuable it is to objectively prove to an injured athlete that their condition has resolved.”

The University of Georgia and Golden State Warriors have already employed this technology with their athletes. The Warriors are known for employing cutting edge analytics to monitor their players’ mental and physical health, and other organizations would be wise to take this same approach to their athletes’ overall health.

Coby Fleener agrees. “For the longest time, the primary focus of training has been physical activities to prepare for football season. Using SyncThink is the first time we have something to train and monitor the mental side of the game.”

To reach the SyncThink Express customer hotline, or to directly enroll, please visit for details.

About SyncThink: SyncThink is on a mission to provide objective measurements for brain health and empower people to maximize their health and performance. SyncThink develops revolutionary eye-tracking technology and analytics, in a VR environment, that assist medical professionals in assessing brain health, monitoring recovery, and optimizing performance. With more than 30 published peer-reviewed papers and 12 granted patents, the SyncThink platform uses a series of 60-second assessments to objectively measure eye movements to identify impairments and offers multiple modalities to train dynamic vision. FDA-cleared for detecting eye-tracking impairment and used by leading medical centers such as Stanford and Massachusetts General, the U.S. military, and more than 20 top universities, SyncThink is transforming assessment, recovery, and performance for life and sport.