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Redskins vs Saints second half thread.

Mark Ingram is back!

NFL: Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints
Drew sets the NFL passing yards record here.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Saints kick off to start the game and the defense pulls off a 3 and out to start the game. Mark Ingram makes an immediate impact getting to 1st and goal on a dump-off screen past from Drew Brees. He follows it up with a walk in TD from the 2. Will Lutz misses the extra point.

The defense isn’t so good on the next drive. After a sack, Alex Smith gets a couple of long yardage 3rd down conversions. He then completes a long pass for 1st and goal. On 3rd down Shelton Rankins sacks the Smith again and the Redskins have to settle for a fieldgoal.

Next drive the Saints get to midfield despite Mark Ingram losing and recovering his own fumble. Drew Brees is sacked back to the 40 on 3rd and 8 and a late hit personal foul extends the drive. Drew to Michael Thomas to the redzone. Another defensive penalty on Washington extends the drive making it 1st and goal. Drew to Josh Hill on the next play for a TD. This time the extra point goes through (barely). Drew passes Brett Farve for 2nd all-time passing yards leader and is on his way after to Peyton Manning's record. He now needs 101 yards.

Washington drives past midfield, to the Saints 35 due to poor tackling. P.J. Williams was down for one play but returns to the game and forcing an incompletion. The Redskins to settle for another fieldgoal.

Next Drive Tre’Quan Smith makes a toe dragging catch on the side line. Kamara makes it 3rd and 1. Taysom Hill goes in and picks up the first with the QB keeper. Another long bomb, a 52 yard reception to Cameron Meredith. Taysom Hill gets to the 2 on another QB keep. Ingram makes it 3rd and inches and then rushes for the score. This kick from Will Lutz goes in easily for a change.

Next drive Washington starts at the 22 after Craig Robertson pops the returner. Sheldon Rankins makes a nice tackle on a screen play. Alex Smith gets hit on his next pass and they go 3 and out. And of course Sean Payton makes his typical wasted challenge.

Saints get the ball on the 38. Drew needs 35 yards for the record. Next pass is to Tre’Quan Smith for 62 yards, the record, and a TD. They go for 2 and don’t get it. Saints lead 26 -6 with 2 minutes 36 seconds to the half.

Saints kick-off at the 20. The redskins return to the 40 after a short kick. After the 2 minute break and on 3rd and nine the Saints force another 3 and out.

Saints start off their next drive at the 17. Saints are driving down the field then Cameron Meredith fumbles after a reception. Washington recovers and are in the redzone. Aex Smith runs this one in himself for Washington’s first TD. Extra point is good. Its a 2 score game that quick.

Saints take a knee and head into halftime up 26 to 13.

Despite injuries the Saints defense has played amazingly in the first half.