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Saints 35 Bengals 7Second Half Thread

It’s looking like a blow out.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals win the coin toss and Defer. Saints take the ball at the 25. Strong runs by both Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram along with 1st down catches by both Austin Carr and Michael Thomas drive the ball right down to the redzone. A Taysom Hill rush on a read option play makes it 1st and goal. false start backs the Saints up 5 and then Thomas catches a low pass for the TD.

Bengals take it at the 25 and the Saints defense is once again porous. Several blow coverages and a good rush but them in 1st and goal. Next pass results in a TD and we are all tied up with 1:56 left in the 1st quarter.

Saints start at the 25. 2 plays by Mark Ingram a rush and a reception, take it into Bengals territory. Ingram rush for one and it’s the end of the 1st quarter. Screen to Kamara 1st down. Time clock running out so Drew Brees calls a timeout. Alvin Kamara rush for 5. Dump off to Mark Ingram goes for a TD. 14-7 Saints. Step it up defense.

Bengals take it from the 1 and special miss tackles allowing them to start at the 35. Screen to Joe Mixon takes it into Saints territory. A Dalton rush makes it 3rd and 1. Completion for no yards and it’s 4th and 1. Bengals were going for it but a false start forces a punt. Kamara fair catches at the 10. Think the refs missed a roughing the kicker penalty there. Call them as I see them. It’s close. Could be argued our guy was blocked into the kicker which is the explanation.

Kamara for 10. Holding flag on Michael Thomas gives us a 1st. Ingram rushes to the Bengals 47. Tackle Terron Armstead is down on the field. Injury timeout. Jermon Bushrod comes in for Armstead. Screen to Kamara for another 1st. Short dump off to Ingram and we’re in the redzone. Kamara rushes for 7, 3rd and 2. Bengals player down. Taysom Hill keeper for the 1st thanks to the block by Josh Hill. Thomas catch to the3 and a Kamara rush for the TD. 21-7 Saints. 5:34 left in the half.

Bengals start at the 25. An incompletion and a rush makes it 3rd and 6. A Sack by Alex Okafor forces the 3 and out. Kamara takes it back to the 40.

Ingram rush for 6. Terron Armstead heads to the locker room with a shoulder injury. Kieth Kirkwood catches another pass for 3. Zach Line picks up the 1st. Ingram powers ahead for 5. Drew Brees throws behinf Taysom hill incomplete. Pass to Kamara takes it past the Bengals to the 25. Bengals lose a CB. Brees to Dave Arnold to the 1 yard line. 1st and goal. Tayson Hill to Benjamin Watson is incomplete. Brees pitch to Kamara leads to another TD. 27-7 Saints, 1:22 left in the half.

Bengals return stopped at the 23. Bengals pick up a 1st with :48 left in the half. Complete to the Saints 34. Bengals clock the ball. Dalton throws an interception to Marcus Williams who takes it back to the Bengals 17 with 8 seconds left. Brees to Thomas TD. We will head into the half up 35 to 7. Yes there is 2 seconds left. Good luck with that Bengals.