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Saints 24 Eagles 7 2nd Half Thread

Thomas Morstead actually has a couple of kicks in this one.

Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Saints win the Toss and defer. Eagles go nowhere and punt.

Saints drive the field on a long rush to begin the drive from Mark Ingram. Complete a couple of first downs and settle for the fieldgoal by Will Lutz. Saints up 3-0.

Eagles get a nice return to start at the 45. Cameron Jordan hits Carson Wentz causing an incompletion. Wentz keeps for 6. Pressure by Alex Anzalone causes a 3 and out. Eagle punt.

Saints start at the 14. Poor fair catch decision by Alvin Kamara. Short run by Ingram and incomplete to Kieth Kirkwood brings up 3rd and 9. Kirkwood picks up the first. Josh Hills picks up another first. Kamara for 1. Michael Thomas for a first to the 29. After a timeout Drew Brees incomplete to Taysom Hill. Kirkwood again for 1st and goal. Alvin Kamara rush to the 3. Brees over throws Tre’Quan Smith. 3rd and goal. Drew Brees to Austin Carr for the TD. Lutz extra point good. Saints up 10-0.

Eagles start at the 25. Hold by P.J. Williams negates a sack on Carson Wentz, Next throw by Wentz is and interception by Marshon Lattimore.

Saints start at the 16. Kamara rushes for 16. Brees over shoots Tre’Quan Smith. False start on Drew Brees backs them up 5. Dan Arnold picks up 23 yards on a diving catch. Tre’Quan picks up 6. Taysom Hill picks up 2 on the keeper. End of 1st quarter. Tre’Quan picks up the 1st. Alvin Kamara pick up 3. Tre’quan Smith again for another 1st. Michael Thomas has one target and catch but does a nice job blocking for Kamara who picks up 9. Mark Ingram rushes for the TD. Will Lutz is good and Saints go up 17-0.

Eagles start at the 25. Wentz throws for a 1st. Rush for a short 1. Eagles make another 1st. Golden Tate picks up another 1st. Tate again to the Saints 29. Josh Adams breaks loose on a rush for the TD. Saints 17. Eagles 7. 8:42 left in the half.

Saints start at the 25. Taysom Hill incomplete to Tre’Quan. Kamara goes for little gain. Saints go 3 and out. Thomas Morstead punts it out of bounds to the Eagles 25.

Josh Adams picks up 11. Adams rushes for 5. Adams picks up 7 and a 1st. Eagles pickup 2 to the 50. Another completion makes it 3rd and 3. Time out Eagles. Carson Wentz is sacked by Sheldon Rankins. Eagles punt twice. A flag for running into the kicke gives them 5 yards.

Kamara fair catches at the 16. Mark Ingram rushes for 8. Delay of game backs the Saints up 5. A Tre’Quan Smith reception brings it to the 46. 1st and 10. Brees to Michael Thomas for 30. Kamara rushes for 5. Brees over throws Austin Carr in the endzone. Smith gains 9 and a 1st. Brees to Tre’Quan Smith for the TD. A personal foul for hit on a defenseless player will be enforced on the kick. Lutz go, 24-7 Saints. 39 seconds left to the half.

Eagles field it at the one and take it to the 11 but a personal foul backs it up to the 7. Seven yard completion. Alex Okafor pressure results in a sack by him and Rankins. A Rush and the clock runs out. Saints get the ball to start the 2nd half.