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Saints 17 Falcons 3 2nd Half Thread

Stay tuned for the 2nd half.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Saints receive the opening kickoff and drive down the field for a TD.

Falcons start at the 25 and drive right down to the redzone on the arm of Matt Ryan. At the 3 yard line Matt Ryan fumbles and Saints recover. Saints ball at their own 13.

An incomplete and a 6 yard run from Mark Ingram sets up 3rd and 4. Drew Brees tosses a pass to Kieth Kirkwood, who is tackled before the ball gets there causing an interception. No flag thrown, Falcons get the ball back at the 35.

Ryan to Mohamed Sanu for a 1st. After 2 incompletions Ryan connects with Calvin Ridley for 1st and goal. Ryan fumbles again on a strip sack but recovers. Saints defense holds and the Falcons settle for a fieldgoal. 7-3 Saints

Saints start at the 25. Alvin Kamara rushes for a 1st. Ingram rushes for 2. Drew drops the snap, recovers and tosses to Ingram and Mark picks up the 1st. Mark Ingram and runs for 5. Brees is sacked at the 50. on 3rd and 11 Brees to Michael Thomas for the 1st. Benjamin Watson has a sure TD stripped from him. A holding call makes it 2nd and 20. Brees to Thomas for 13. 3rd and 7. Brees to Kamara for the 1st at the 25. Ingram rushes for 9. Kamara for the 1st to the 12. Kamara rushes to the 7. Ingram to the 4. 3rd and 2. Pass is knocked out of Kieth Kirkwood’s hands. Saints settle for 3.

Falcons start at the 25. After an incompletion and a short run Matt Ryan is sacked setting up 3rd and 14. Another incompletion and Falcons punt. Alvin Kamara returns to the 42. Kamara runs for 6. Brees to Dan Arnold for the 1st. 1st and 10 at the Falcons 48, Ingram rushes for 5. A PI on Thomas makes it 1st at the 26. Kamara picks up 2. Ingram picks up 4. Kamara rushes to the 12. Drew to Austin Carr for the TD. Will Lutz is of course money. 14-3 Saints. 3:20 left in the half.

Falcons start at the 25 Julio Jones brings it to the 45. Tevin Coleman rushes for 3. Coleman rushes for 3 more right past the 50. 3rd and 4. Ryan sacked again. 4th down, Falcons go for it on 4th and 7, Ryan rushes for the 1st. Short pass for 2. Ryan to Austin hopper for 6. 3rd and 2. Falcon pick up the 1st and take a timeout with 26 seconds left. Ryan to Julio Jones, Alex Anzalone causes the fumbles and Saints recover.

Drew takes a knee and it’s halftime 14-3 Saints. Falcons receive the kickoff in the 2nd half.