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Cowboys 13 Saints 0 2nd Half Thread

Cowboys defense is winning the battle thus far. Sean Payton has to make some second half adjustments.

SANTA CLARA, CA - New Orleans Saints fans dressed as superheroes cheer during a game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium. Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Saints win toss and defer. Cowboys start at the 25. Cowboys drive methodically down the field. 1st and goal. Saints run defense does it’s job, but secondary needs to tighten up. Defense holds and Cowboys settle for three. 3-0 Cowboys.

Taysom Hill take it out the endzone. Saints start at the 22. Drew Brees to Kieth Kirkwood is knocked down. Incomplete to Michael Thomas. Under pressure Brees throws in the direction of Alvin Kamara, incomplete. Saints 3 and out. Thomas Morestead punts.

Cowboys ball at the 29. Dak Prescott screen to Ezekiel Elliott for 7. Holding call backs the Cowboys up making it 2nd and 12. Elliot picks up 6. Prescott sacked on 3rd down. Cowboys punt.

Kamara tackled at the 26. Alvin Kamara rushes for 4. Mark Ingram for no gain. Payton challenges the ruling of a no catch by Michael Thomas. Payton loses that one. Saints punt. Another 3 and out.

Cowboys start at the 15. Elliott picks up 7. Prescott complete to Michael Gallup. 1st down. Another 9 yard completion. 2nd and 1. Elliot picks up the 1st down. Dak to Amari Cooper to the Saints 35. Completion to the 20. a 2nd defensive holding call on Eli Apple gives the Cowboys a 1st down. Loss of a 2 yards. Screen to Ezekiel Elliott, touchdown. 10-0 Cowboys.

Saints start at the Taysom Hill unwisely decides to take it out again. Makes it to the 22 but a penalty backs it up to the 9. Alvin Kamara rushes for 6. Brees avoids pressure and gets it to Dan Arnold for the 1st, first down of the game. Incomplete to Ingram. Cowboys bringing pressure on Brees. Kamara for 1. 3rd and 9. Brees to Kamara for 6. Saints punt.

Cole Beasley catches at the 22. Holding by Chris Banjo advances the ball 10 yards. Cowboys start at the 32. Elliot picks up 1. 2nd and 9. Cooper catches a 7 yards pass but fumbles. Saints recover.

Saints take over at the Cowboys 39. Michael Thomas for 4. Mark Ingram rushes for 13. Dan Arnold catches and fumbles. Michael Thomas recovers but it is called an incomplete. Payton challenges again. Payton wins and it’s 1st and goal at the 7. Incomplete to Tre’Quan Smith. Ingram to the 4. 3rd and goal. Screen to Kamara to the 2. Saints go for it. Kamara stopped. Cowboys ball at the 2.

Elliott for 3. Cam Jordan sacks Dak. On 3rd and 7 the Cowboys pick up the 1st. Marshon Lattimore misses the tackle on Amari Cooper who makes it a 1st down at the 40. Demario Davis tackles Elliott for a loss. Dak Prescott rushes for the 1st down. Pass to Elliot makes it 2nd and 1. Elliott picks up the first to the Saints 36. Rod Smith rushes for 2. Smith again for 2. 3rd and 6. Prescott fumbles but he recovers. 44 yard field-goal is good. 13-0 Cowboys with 51 seconds in the half.

Saints start at the 25. 1 timeout left. Pass to Kamara for 3. Drew Brees fumbles but recovers. Clock runs out on the next play. 13-0 Cowboys.