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Saints 35 Rams 17 Second Half Thread

Saint up by 18.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Rams win the toss and defer. Saints start at the 25. Alvin Kamara get a first in two runs. Micheal Thomas picks up another first despite a PI. Mark Ingram picks up five and then three on tow more runs. Taysom Hill keeps and is short one yard, Hill picks it up on fourth down. Michael Thomas picks up 15 more bringing it down to the 13. Under pressure Drew Brees dumps it of to Kamara for two. A lateral to Kamara results in a TD. Will Lutx is money and the extra point is good. Saints go up by seven.

Rams take it out to the 29. Todd Gurley picks up two. A blown coverage gives the Rams a first at the 39. Gurley scrambles for 9. Gurley picks up the first. Gurley runs to first and goal. Todd Gurley hits the outside for the TD. Tie score, seven all.

Saints start off at the 25. Tre’Quan Smith gets a first down. Taysom hill hands off to Kamara for a short one. Michael Thomas catches but is short. Another PI on the catch makes it a spot foul and a first down. Offsides gives us 1st and five. A pitch to Kamara gets another first down. Brees over shoots Benjamin Watson then on second and ten he goes to Watson again for the first down. Kamara is pounded for a lose of 4. Hill catches one for six yards and on 3rd and 8, Brees connects with Kamara for the TD. Extra point by Lutz is good. 14-7 Saints.

Rams start at the 25. WR Robert Woods rushes for 2. WR Robert Woods gets a first. Brandon Cooks gets by Marshon Lattimore and brings it into the redzone. Gurley picks up about four. Incomplete to Gurley. Defensive holding on Eli Apple makes it 1st and goal. Gurley is stopped at the line of scrimmage. Jared Goff to Cooks is a TD. 14 all. We have the makings of a shoot out.

Taysom Hill takes the kick at the 1 and brings it to the 24. Mark Ingram fumbles and the Rams recover. Ingram is shook up but makes it to the sideline. Rams have the ball at the Saints 22.

Goff throws a couple incompletions. Cooks catches it short. Rams gamble on a fake field goal, and are ruled short. Rams challenge and the call stands. Saints ball. Rams lose the challenge and a first down. Saints luck out that the Ingram fumble results in no points.

Kamara runs for 5, Thomas catches for a 1st. Thomas again to the 39. Brees rushes for 7. Kamara picks up the 1st. Brees throw to Watson deep for the 1st. Saints are in the redzone. Mark Ingram takes it to the 4. Ingram picks up 1 but is slow getting up. Incomplete to Thomas. Brees to Tre’Quan Smith for the TD. Extra point is good. 21-14 Saints.

Thomas Morstead once again kicks it into the endzone and the Rams start at the 25. Gurley rushes for 3. A Robert Woods catch takes it out to the 41. A Cooper Kupp catch brings it to the Saints 39. Goff runs to the 36 Gurley tackled for a loss and the Rams attempt a field goal. And it’s no good. Saints get the ball back up 21-14 in fair field position. 31/2 minutes left in the half.

Brees to Thomas for a 1st to the Rams 40. Kamara rushes to the 28. Ingram picks up a four. Brees to Josh Hill is incomplete. 3rd and 6. Kamara catches another for the 1st and the Saints are back in the redzone. Brees floats one to Benjamin Watson for the TD. Extra point is good and the Saints go up 14, 28-14. 1:06 to halftime.

Rams start at the 25. Alex Anzalone picks off Jared Goff’s first pass. Saints with a short field.

Brees throw defended by Marcus Peters. Kamara can’t field the next pass. On 3rd and 10 Brees rushes for the first. Michael Thomas makes it first and goal. A personal foul flag on Aaron Donald moves it to the 4. Brees to Zach Line takes to the one. Alvin Kamara walks into the endzone. Extra point is good. 35-14 Saints with 26 seconds left in the half.

Rams move it right down to the Saints 43. Incomplete pass by Goff. Roger Saffold takes a swing at a Saints player and backs the Rams up 15. That should have been an ejection. A quick pass sets the Rams up with a 56 yard attempt field goal with 2 seconds left. Kick is good.

Saints head in to the locker room up 35 to 17. Rams get the ball first in the second half.