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Steelers vs. Saints: Week 16 open thread

Two high-powered offenses collide in a big Week 16 showdown in the Big Easy.

New Orleans Saints v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Week 16’s afternoon slate of games features the Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5-1) in the Crescent City to take on the New Orleans Saints (12-2). It’s just the 16th time that these two meet in their franchise histories, with the Saints leading the all-time series 8-7. Both clubs could use a victory this weekend, and have major implications from doing so.

New Orleans has three scenarios in which they can wrap up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The simple one is to win. The others involve a tie plus a Rams loss or tie, OR a Bears loss or tie and Rams loss. The Saints can clinch a first-round bye by a tie, Bears loss or tie, or Rams loss.

Pittsburgh needs help to trigger some of their scenarios to clinch a playoff berth and/or win their division. However, they have to beat New Orleans first.

The CBS ‘A-Team’ of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo will have the call, as most all of America will be able to catch the game (unless you are most of Arizona).