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Buccaneers 14 Saints 3: 2nd Half Thread

Another dismal first half performance.

Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Saints win the toss and defer. Buccaneers start at the 25. 2 plays later to the Saints 39. Tampa continues to drive for a TD. 7-0 Buccaneers.

Alvin Kamara returns to the 27. Kamara rushes for 1. Mark Ingram picks up 2 more. Drew to Michael Thomas for the 1st. Thomas again for 20 yards. Josh Hill drops an easy pass. A holding call negates a big run by Ingram. Screen to Kamara for a short gain. 3rd and 15. Jason Pierre-Paul bats down Drew Brees’ pass. Saints punt.

Buccaneers start at the 20. Peyton Barber rushes for 4. Pass is knocked down. Pass interference on Eli Apple gives the Bucs a first down at the 33. Jameis Winston dead shot overthrown. Barber picks up 3. 3rd and 7. Adam Humphries takes a big hit but holds on for the 1st. Rush picks up 5 on 1st down. Next rush tackled for a loss. 3rd and 8. Incomplete pass by Winston, 4th down. Buccaneers punt.

Tommylee Lewis fair catch at the 11. Kamara for no gain. Alvin Kamara gets blown up at the 4. 3rd and 17. Delay of game. 3rd and 19. Keith Kirkwood catch brings it out to the 15. Saints punt.

After a 60 yard punt by Thomas Morstead, Adam Humphries returns to the 47 but a block in the back penalty backs it up to the 25. Barber picks up 1. Complete to Humphries for the 1st. Antony Auclair picks up another 1st. Barker picks up 2 to bring it to the Saints 49. Injury timeout. Peyton Barber limps off the field. Jacquizz Rodgers rushes for the 1st. Rodger again for 1. Eli Apple defends the pass. No flag. 3rd and 9. Jameis Winston runs to the 22 and another 1st down. Apple defends again. Rodgers rushes for 2. 3rd and 8. Winston is sacked by Cameron Jordan and Marcus Davenport. 4th down. 46 yard fieldgoal attempt is no good. Saints ball at the 36.

Brees to Thomas to the Buccaneers 47. Drew to Benjamin Watson for another 1st. Thomas reception for 6. Brees throws incomplete. 3rd and 4. Timeout. Brees to Thomas for a 1st into the redzone. Mark Ingram loses a yard. Holes in the O-line again. Kirkwood complete for 7. 3rd and 3. Thomas slips, incomplete. Saints settle for 3. Will Lutz is money. 7:06 left in the half.

Buccaneers start at the 23. Barber picks up 2. Pass broken up by P.J. Williams. 3rd and 8. Winston complete for another 1st. False start backs it up 5. P.J. Williams break up another pass. Holding call backs it up 10 instead. 1st and 25. Sheldon Rankins breaks up the next pass. 2nd and 25. Alex Anzalone tackles Winston after a short gain. After a short gain a PI backs the Buccaneers up 15. 4th down, and another false start backs them up even more. Bucs punt. Tommylee Lewis fair catch at the 34.

Offsides gives the Saints 5. 1st and 5. Drew to Watson for 4. Zach Line picks up the 1st. Kamara rushes for 4. Ball comes out but Kamara is ruled down. Tampa challenges and loses. The Buccaneers have one challenge left. 2nd and 6. Brees is intercepted. That one was all on Drew. Bucs ball at the 39.

Demario Davis personal foul, defenseless player. Bucs at the Saints 22. Bucs pickup 5. Winston to Humpfries for another 1st. 1st and goal. Winston evades a sack and completes to the 1 yard line. Barber for no gain. 3rd and goal. Winston to Cameron Brate for the TD. Winston slow getting up. 14-3 with 26 seconds to the half.

Kamara to the 25. Brees takes an knee and the Saints go into the half. Saints receive to start the second half.