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Saints Tied With Lions for Second Highest Strength of Schedule: Green Bay is First

2017 Pepsi NFL Rookie Of The Year Winner Alvin Kamara Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Pepsi

The SOS, or Strength of Schedule is based on your opponents winning percentage. Based on those numbers The Green Bay Packers statistically face the most difficult road to the playoffs in 2018. The Saints and Lions are tied for the second most difficult path.

The Packer’s opponents 2017 record is 138-118 with a percentage of .539

Following very closely are the Saints and Lions. 2017 record 137-119 with a percentage of .535

Our division rivals have the following SOS.

The Buccaneers, are fourth facing teams with 136-120 2017 records and a .523 percentage.

Due to four teams, the Cardinals, Bears, Giants, and Vikings, being tied for the eighth spot the Panthers have the twelveth spot. Their 2107 opponents record is 131-125 with a .512 percentage.

The Falcons are thirteenth, 2107 opponents record of 130-126 and a .509 percentage.

So what does this mean exactly. Probably not much because every year numerous teams who made the playoffs the previous year don’t make it the next, as as well as numerous teams who didn’t, do.

There are three teams tied at fifth, and fifteenth. Three teams tied at nineteenth, twenty-second,and twenty-ninth. Four more teams are also tied for the twenty-fifth SOS.

You can view the complete SOS list at CBSSports.