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Saints Fans Suggest Trading Mark Ingram | Grading 2017 DTs [Podcast]

Saints fans just can’t cut Ingram a break. After coming off a Pro-Bowl season, multiple fans are now suggesting he be dangled as trade bait. Should the team follow their suggestion?

Mark Ingram just can’t catch a break. At least, not with Saints fans. Coming off a Pro Bowl season and his second straight 1,000 yard campaign for New Orleans multiple fans across social media are calling for him to be used as trade bait in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The combination of Alvin Kamara and Ingram proved very effective in 2017 leading many to think separating the pair would cause more harm than good, but is there anything that would make this a good idea? Ellias and I discuss.

On the final segment before Q&A, the team grades the starting defensive tackles from the 2017 season in David Onyemata, Sheldon Rankins and Tyeler Davison. How do you think they fared?

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