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Saints Could Be In Play For a Jarvis Landry Trade, Per Ian Rapoport

On the NFL Network, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport theorized that the franchise tag of Jarvis Landry was to open up trade opportunities for Miami. If so, he suggested the Saints as a possible landing spot.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport on Thursday (February 22, 2018) suggested that the franchise tag of Jarvis Landry by the Miami Dolphins might be an opportunity for Miami to pick up value for the young receiver in a trade deal. He listed New Orleans as a possible suitor considering Landry’s ties to Louisiana as both a former player for LSU and being born in Convent, Louisiana.

While this might simply be conjecture on Mr. Rapoport’s part, the Saints do have a need at wide receiver. Questions remain on whether Willie Snead will return to form in the slot, and their current option at flanker is Ted Ginn, Jr. who, while being a big surprise to most with his performance in 2017, will turn 33 in April of 2018.

Statistically, Landry had his worst season since his rookie year in 2017. He posted a career high in receptions with 116, but saw his Catch Percentage, Yards Per Reception, Yardage, and even his rushing yards. Now, losing Ryan Tannehill and being forced to sign and start Jay Cutler obviously had an impact on Landry, but questions about his production and ability still remain.

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The question is can he be the versatile slot/flanker threat that can be a possession receiver and push the top of the defense as a deep threat. Landry saw extensive action both last year and in 2016 as a red zone target and thrived there, and it’s certainly something New Orleans could take advantage of. However, New Orleans will continue to want to stretch the field and utilize the play action pass. Would Landry be able to do that if New Orleans decided to trade for him?

Miami gave Jarvis Landry the non-exclusive franchise tag worth 16 million dollars. Obviously, this amount of money would put New Orleans in a difficult position with their need to not only re-sign star QB Drew Brees but to also continue to fill out the roster that saw it’s ranks depleted last year due to injury.

As Ian Rapoport notes, the trade would not necessarily have to constitute a 1st round pick and a 16 million dollar number on a team’s books. A contract could be drawn up that was less of a monetary strain on the Benson pocketbook. With that in mind, any team would still be likely looking at paying a hefty sum in both financial compensation to Landry and in trade collateral to the Dolphins.

The Canal Street Chronicles “Who Dat Confessional” Podcast discussed this topic, among other things, last night. You can give it a full listen here. Would you be willing to make the trade for Jarvis Landry?

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